The all-around solution
for distribution

The scalable platform that lets you run all aspects of your business under one roof. Manage sales, inventory, and logistics. Consolidate data and optimize the use of time and resources. Improve customer and supplier relationships taking them to a whole new level.

Industries helps a variety of sectors that buy, sell, and manage inventories optimize their operations and efficiency, based on in-depth knowledge of processes and industry best practices.

  • Industrial
  • Construction
  • Automotive
    & parts management
  • Medical equipment
  • Hardware
    & electronics
  • High-tech
  • Fashion retail
    & wholesale
  • Healthcare
    & cosmetics
  • FMCG
  • Pet foods
    & supplies


Manage multichannel sales

Monitor, manage, and record sales, regardless of where the sale occurred. Automate order processing and capture all sales and customer data to streamline procurement, inventory tracking, order fulfillment, and sales closing.

Run an efficient warehouse

Manage the movement and storage of your inventory and retain control of every stock item received, picked, packed, and shipped. Accurately track the logistics and delivery of each product to the customer.

Get pricing flexibility

Offer multiple prices for the same item based on customer specifics, number of units, completion timeframe, promotions, or discounts. Process multiple price lists and set acquisition costs and desired margins.

Robust supply chain
& inventory management

Meet changing customer demand and market conditions with digitalized and comprehensive supply chain planning. Automate and optimize purchasing processes. Make data-driven decisions to forecast demand, plan orders, reduce costs and replenish with the right items on time – no overstock necessary. Determine profitability by warehouse, product line, or business unit to optimize your procurement process and inventory levels.


Take hold of automation opportunities for your inventory and supply chain management

Streamlined order management

Centralize omnichannel sales operations and synchronize sales data – from a single command center. Process orders in real-time, no matter via which point-of-sale the transaction occurred. Automate order and billing processing, eliminate delays in shipping and fulfillment, and reduce order times by keeping your stock count reliable and in check.

Close sales faster by upgrading your customer service strategy

Unfold your connectivity & mobility

Attain a whole new level of business performance by being flexible, informed, connected, and social – inside and outside of your organization. Increase collaboration and exchange rich information between employees, suppliers, and customers. Eliminate data redundancy and errors by working with accurate, real-time data about inventory levels, customer pricing, and delivery routes anytime, anywhere. Utilize your mobile device not just to communicate and access information but to conduct and manage all moving parts of your business.

Be everywhere. From Anywhere.

Automated and efficient warehouse

Go beyond listing inventory amounts by tracking with precision the entire movement of items inside and outside of the warehouse. Organize and be in charge of each lot and corner of the storage space. Optimize the floor plan and pick, pack, and ship the right products with no time wasted. Eliminate errors and boost the speed with which items are moving in and out – from the time your inventory is stocked and stored until they are ordered, sold, and delivered.

Gain the utmost control over your warehouses

Optimized delivery & logistics

Orchestrate the optimal logistics lifecycle for sustainable reduction in transportation costs and delivery times. Utilize pinpoint accuracy and real-time information of product quantities, availabilities, and locations. Cluster orders and plan routes to ensure on-time deliveries to meet customers expectations. Enhance visibility across shipments, orders, and inventories to improve the efficiency of people, logistics, and processes.

Explore the logistics management opportunities

Integrated finance & accounting

Integrate your sales, finance, and fulfillment processes to gain complete visibility and control over cost and profit margins on items, documents and invoices processing, and the overall performance of your business. Handle in real-time all accounting and finance transactions of the distribution lifecycle – from order fulfillment to inventory control, to purchasing and sales. Process invoices order by order or group on a monthly basis, control credit lump sums and deadlines, and notify customers for payments due.

Get to know your finances no less than best

Built-in Business Intelligence

Have one-click access to daily reports and analysis of business models, historical data, and sales trends. Gauge the overall status and health of your business. Drill down and make cross-reference queries on huge amounts of data, processed and visualized blazing fast. Measure performance on inventory, orders, and financial results to improve inventory accuracy, respond to market trends, and reduce operational costs.

  • Real-time and historical data
  • Lightning fast reports
  • In-context and enterprise-level insights
  • Profitability analysis on labor, inventory, and customers

Dive deeper into your company management for a bright business future

Grow your business with the right distribution platform and supercharge with optimized operations, efficiency, and intelligence. across industries

Recognized by customers, partners, and various industries, is praised for how it enables businesses to optimize processes and improve results with minimal overhead.

We import fish and sushi products from more than 30 countries worldwide and gave our company a huge boost to productivity. The platform allows us to serve more customers simultaneously, while at the same time we can tend to the needs of each client in an individual and personalized manner.

- Alex, General Manager of AlexFish