The complete solution for product configuration and assembly operations

Carry out customized orders swiftly and accurately while keeping inventory costs low, delivery times quick, and customers happy. Streamline key order-to-invoice workflows throughout the supply chain and run cost-efficient assembly processes.


Accelerate your business with an integrated platform that helps you provide customers with a high degree of product variability while maintaining a quick response time to order fulfillment.

  • Construction &
    agricultural machinery
  • Hardware &
  • Automotive & parts
  • Textile
  • Furniture &
  • Windows &
    doors systems
  • Subscription
  • Telecommunications
  • Car


Powerful Product configurator

Meet the individual needs of your customers and automate the configuration of unique products. Provide instant quotes, speed up assembly timelines, and get products delivered – lightning fast.

All-in-one command center

Streamline your business operations from sales through inventory and supply chain management to logistics, finance, and CRM. Utilize up-to-date data and gain full control – at your fingertips and from a single hub.

Real-time communication

Exchange information with colleagues and customers to clarify orders, amend specifications, or inquire about delivery times. Get social with instant messages via Chatter and always be in sync.

Respond to customer needs
and market demand

One size does not fit all. Be flexible and respond with speed and precision to changing customer requirements with the help of the Product configurator. Easily configure model variations, make complex offers for multi-component products, and execute orders with 100% accuracy. Orders automatically trigger the configure-to-order lifecycle, thus ensuring a clear-cut production schedule, precise delivery date calculation, and estimated value and price in advance.

  • Self-service or sales rep guidance for step-by-step configuration
  • Adjust order requirements
  • Add various graphic schemes, statistics, and history to products
  • Eliminate the risk of operational errors

Meet any customer requirements fast, easy, and confidently

Speed up assembly and
manufacturing processes

Decrease the overall lead time from product configuration to offer to order to production – be it assembly or manufacturing – by automating and controlling the complete workflow. Once an item is configured according to customer requirements, the system automatically creates a unique specification and product manufacturing technology. This includes the manufacturing phases, the relevant components, as well as the production resources and tools used in the operation.

  • Create BOM and estimate cost and profit
  • Integrated MRP and CRP
  • Assembly tracking with barcode scanning
  • Dynamically adjust interchangeable components or amounts
  • Alerts and notifications

Discover lean manufacturing abilities by

Pitch-perfect supply
and demand planning

Reduce capital costs by optimizing stock levels and increasing inventory turnover. Adopt an inventory-centric approach to allocate the supply of components to each product at the right time and at the right place. Plan materials’ supply based on up-to-date inventory and warehouse data, customer orders, sales projections, and product recipes. Monitor and manage stock levels to replenish on time but never too early, so you never deal with shortages or dead stock again.

Track time, resources,
and items

Have one-click access to the complete history of each item – serial number, warranty card, customer information, and components used. Oversee work in progress to identify any variances and ensure you have all components required for a job. Simplify replacement and recall procedures by tracking products and their components throughout the receiving, assembly, stocking, and dispatch phases.

  • Resource allocation and alignment
  • Service Desk app for service and maintenance jobs

Integrated BI
and analysis

Take the guesswork out of decision-making and demand forecasting. Access daily reports and analysis on sales history, market trends, customer orders, and materials and resources utilized. Measure performance on inventory, orders, and financial results to improve inventory accuracy, respond to market trends, and reduce operational costs.

  • Real-time and historical data
  • Lightning-fast reports
  • In-context and enterprise-level insights
  • Cost and profit, resources, inventory, and orders analysis

Dive deeper into your company management for a bright business future

Streamline your assembly-to-order operations with to achieve high product variability, tight control of inventory, and quick delivery to delight your customers. across industries

Recognized by customers, partners, and various industries, is praised for how it enables businesses to optimize processes and improve results with minimal overhead.

We import fish and sushi products from more than 30 countries worldwide and gave our company a huge boost to productivity. The platform allows us to serve more customers simultaneously, while at the same time we can tend to the needs of each client in an individual and personalized manner.

- Alex, General Manager of AlexFish