What is an ERP platform?

The focal point of an ERP platform is the ERP system itself – orchestrating, managing, and optimizing the operations and information flow across multiple systems and business workflows. An ERP platform builds upon this foundation, empowering organizations to further digitalize and streamline internal and external processes. It consolidates data, provides BI insights, integrates business systems, and delivers best-in-class support for extensibility. An ERP platform needs to be open for customization, optimized for security, and facilitating scalability so that businesses can grow.

Why choose our platform?

Business command center

Streamline, automate, and connect to optimize your workflows, data, and operations. Make data-driven decisions, reduce costs, and increase performance.

Open platform

Built with extensibility, interoperability, integration and flexibility in mind. Comprehensive and flexible REST APIs, complemented by powerful development and testing tools.

Effortless upgrades

Reduce overhead with a seamless upgrade process, without compromising on customizations. Always work with the latest and greatest features.


Social ERP

Remove the barriers to communicate inside and outside of the organization by utilizing the social capabilities that match business goals and needs. Boost collaboration and engagement with real-time conversations between customers, employees, and sub-contractors. Add and share information, files, and pictures under any order or service object. Post comments, and receive notifications.

Easy to adapt

Flexible and adaptable by design, the ERP.net platform allows you to adjust the system or interface to your specific business needs without changing the underlying code and databases or manipulating the entire ERP setup.

  • Accommodate components of the ERP freely and easily, based on context or user
  • Integrate with legal, business intelligence, or other business systems
  • Create and describe business rules for your workflow
  • Compose sets of data filters, checks, and calculations
  • Define your custom data attributes

Easy to develop

Meet any UX, functional, or integration requirement. Utilize ERP.net platform’s extensibility and powerful tools to expand on existing functionality or develop your own business logic. Easily perform any operation to any object controlled by the system to build upon your scenario’s requirements and needs.

  • Powerful and fully exposed API
  • Integrate with BI systems and other tools
  • Query builder with demo data
  • Predefined scenarios and scripts for testing purposes
  • Developer community and forums
  • Partner app network

Unified central hub

Run your business from a single interface. Consolidate information from multiple systems to achieve better planing, management, control, and optimization of operations and results. Leverage unified communications for a more social ERP – inside and out.

360-degree overview & control

  • In the know and in control of the whole value chain
  • Manage workforce, allocate resources, analyze costs
  • Define workflows and optimize processes
  • Grant access and permissions

Flexibility and mobility

  • Access information and communicate securely anywhere, on any device
  • Manage workflows, orders, tasks, and crew on the go
  • Control over progress and changes in processes in real-time

BI reports

  • Visualize real-time data
  • Detailed financial, accounting, and operational performance reports
  • Integrate with BI systems


Empower organizational scale, eliminate the need for infrastructure management, and focus on business growth.


  • No hosting and infrastructure overhead
  • Fully managed configuration, administration, and storage
  • Lower operating costs
  • Access from anywhere, on any device


  • Manage multiple companies seamlessly within one integrated database
  • Secure data storage and access
  • High availability and maximized performance
  • Infrastructure scalability
  • Customized apps

State-of-the-art technology

  • Integrated with Azure Active Directory
  • Integrated with Microsoft Office 365
  • Built on the latest technology
  • Based on the latest Microsoft SQL version

Reduce TCO

  • All-in-one platform
  • Always up-to-date
  • Minimized technical debt
  • Centralized data integration
  • App integration

Open platform

Designed to be open, versatile, and powerful, the platform enables users to easily accommodate the system to their needs and provides developers with smart tools to extend, implement, test, and deploy business logic and apps for the ERP.net ecosystem.


  • Personalize and customize the dashboard
  • Contextually customize information, functionality, and outlook, based on user or group
  • Embed external apps, BI reports, legal apps
  • Define workflow business rules
  • Formulate filters, checks, and calculations
  • Create custom data attributes

Fully exposed API

  • Customize existing functionality to serve specific task or function
  • Implement new business logic
  • Utilize REST API for easy integration of external applications

Dev-friendly environment

  • One integrated database
  • App development and testing tools
  • Dev forum and community for collaboration and cooperation

Security & compliance

Fine-tuned and fine-grained user management and access to apps, data, and resources. Secured cloud operations, streamlined compliance with GDPR, and protection of customer and business-sensitive information.

Security by design

  • Strict data access policies and controls
  • Protect sensitive and business-critical data
  • Leverage Azure Active Directory for user management
  • SSO for developers, employees, and app users

GDPR by design

  • Address GDPR requirements and other data privacy laws
  • Enable customers to manage GDPR processes
  • Configure the collection and storage of data
  • Audit log for data access

Authentication & permissions

  • Fine-tuned access to apps and data, based on role, scope, and restrictions
  • Role-based permissions as granular as field level
  • Authentication and identity management for workflows, roles, and tasks

Trouble-free upgrades

Get seamless upgrades and updates with the latest features and keep your system customizations and apps in check and working. Always.

Automated upgrades

  • Automated upgrades and migrations
  • Up-to-date with newest platform capabilities
  • No need for dedicated IT effort to upgrade to latest version
  • Personal settings remain intact after upgrading the system

Backward compatibility

  • Old versions of apps work seamlessly with each new version
  • Minimize technical debt
  • Custom apps are not tied to a single version

Take a strategic approach
to business growth

Build a connected ERP platform with ERP.net at the foundation. Get unmatched support for critical ERP
capabilities, such as integration, automation, and data analysis.