The all-in-one solution
for field-based operations

Deliver quality services in the most efficient and effective way – on time and within budget. Keep in check the complete service lifecycle from planning and scheduling, service delivery, and performance management into continuous improvement.

Industries helps a variety of sectors providing installations, repairs and maintenance, or services at customer locations run a well-organized, connected business and improve the bottom line.

  • Air conditioning
    systems & support
  • Machine maintenance
    & support
  • Pest
  • Facilities
  • Home repairs &
  • Elevator maintenance
    & support
  • Security & smart
    home systems
  • Home cleaning
  • Transport equipment
  • Telecommunications
    & infrastructure
  • Electricity, utilities,
    & water supply
  • Hardware & electronics


Mobile everything

Track, organize, update, and streamline all moving parts of your business – paperless and on any device. Dynamically schedule and manage tasks, workforce, and inventory to optimize resources. Enhance collaboration between technicians, subcontractors, and customers via the Mobile Service app.

Automation & efficiency

Digitalize processes and operations flow, increase real-time control, and speed up execution. Automate and streamline business activities, financial transactions, and daily tasks to reduce overhead and eliminate data loss and paperwork.

One unified system

Gain control and be in command of your operations via a 360-degree view of your assets, customers, and workforce throughout the entire workflow – from quotation to execution to follow-up – all within one central system – no integrations needed.

Comprehensive customer profiles

Consolidate all customer details and service delivery history within one profile. Access right at your fingertips all related files, order data, support communication, and payment information. Enable employees to clarify order specifics and keep everyone informed.

Put tickets into action

Initiate work with a seamless tickets-into-action process via the Web Service Desk app. Upon any incoming customer query, automatically create a ticket and place an order, including the planning of materials, scheduling resources, and notifying the technician and the customer of the upcoming appointment.

Map & locate for efficient planning

Have full visibility on the location and activities of each operative, equipment, and vehicle and get updates on job status in real-time. Plan the most optimum use of resources by adjusting work schedules and assets to make sure active service orders and work progress are on track and on point.

Track and manage time & materials

Get an all-in-one picture and manage the whereabouts, when, what, and how much of every nut and bolt throughout the service workflow. Monitor the overall progress and project-related activity, parts logistics, resources and time needed and utilized, and then bill accordingly.

  • Activities register & navigation panel
  • Calendar and scheduler
  • Tasks log & navigation panel
  • Resource management


Allocate and utilize your resources with the highest efficiency

Collaborate in real-time & be in sync

Keep all stakeholders – employees, customers, back office, and sub-contractors – up-to-date and connected with Chatter. Have a reliable and seamless information flow, attach photos, add comments, and share files – anywhere, anytime, and on any device.


Assign tasks and jobs weeks, months, and even years ahead. Schedule, work, and achieve. Together.

Automate accounting &
financial processes

Decrease billing and processing time, including budget estimate, costing allocation and revenue, invoicing, and payment. Integrate, automate, and run smoothly key accounting and financial management activities.


Digitalize and automate your accounting and billing to never let anyone wait for payments.

Support & foster
customer relationships

Make sure customers are happy after every order and appointment. Manage customer relationships and provide end-to-end support right from order generation to work order execution, completion, and maintenance.


Happy customers are recurring customers. Learn how helps you with them.

Get insights from
performance analysis

Make data-driven decisions based on detailed financial, accounting, and operational performance via the built-in BI reports to optimize the service value chain, boost efficiency, and reduce cost. Analyze, learn, and improve the bottom line.


Take guesswork out of the equation. Make business decisions that reflect your real company performance.

Connect your service organization
with your customers is the all-in-one FSM solution that helps your organization track, manage, update, and streamline all moving parts of service delivery. Optimize field service operations, empower employees, and enhance and improve customer experience. across industries

Recognized by customers, partners, and various industries, is praised for how it enables businesses to optimize processes and improve results with minimal overhead.

We import fish and sushi products from more than 30 countries worldwide and gave our company a huge boost to productivity. The platform allows us to serve more customers simultaneously, while at the same time we can tend to the needs of each client in an individual and personalized manner.

- Alex, General Manager of AlexFish