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Simplify complex tech stacks
and streamline business processes

The all-in one ERP platform that empowers companies of all sizes to digitalize and transform their business. As a scalable and agile platform, allows building on top of the core platform capabilities, such as CRM, finance, monitoring, and logistics, to create the stack that fits your needs.

Why choose us?

Powerful all-in-one platform

Manage and transform your business end to end – without the need for complex integrations with 3rd party solutions.


Scale swiftly with a unified, integrated, and enterprise-cloud platform. Manage multiple entities and gain the operational intelligence to improve the bottom line.

Tailored to your

Build the stack you need, benefit from the ecosystem of applications designed for specific business scenarios, or extend the API-driven core functionality.

Fosters efficiency
via automation

Automate and integrate core operations and processes throughout the system. Eliminate paperwork, save labor, reduce costs, and never enter the same data twice.

Designed for your business

With decades of extensive expertise in the ERP field, our platform provides flexible and industry-specific business solutions that ease the complexity and drive growth for your business. helps all moving parts
of your business work as one

Optimize internal processes and improve communication between employees and customers to achieve lasting business results.


Organize, automate, and analyze all business processes, related to marketing and sales. Manage relations with customers, prospects, and opportunities, as well as communication with and support of the client base.


Be in control and coordinate the smooth movement of the inventory, financial, and information flows throughout the organization. Ensure required products and materials are available on time.


Facilitate and handle day-to-day warehouse activities. Manage warehouse space and product hierarchy and availability, and oversee operations and inventory audits.

Finance & accounting

Automate key financial workflows and cut processing time. Manage cash flow and expenses, monitor transactions, invoices and balances, and get detailed statistics.

Community management

Run seamlessly your community ecosystem in a smart, efficient, and paperless manner. Integrate with call centers, communicate instantly with Chatter, and keep an eye on recurring contracts and subscriptions.

Built-in Business Intelligence

Make data-driven decisions based on detailed financial, accounting, and real-time data. Analyze historic trends to cut costs and optimize resources.

Your success is our goal and its partners provide the whole package of services to get your business on top of the game.

and go live

and support

Custom apps
development across industries

Recognized by customers, partners, and various industries, is praised for
how it enables businesses to optimize processes and improve results with
minimal overhead.

We import fish and sushi products from more than 30 countries worldwide and gave our company a huge boost to productivity. The platform allows us to serve more customers simultaneously, while at the same time we can tend to the needs of each client in an individual and personalized manner.

- Alex, General Manager of AlexFish
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